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This is in sharp contrast to more invasive surgical single site such as traditional open surgery or multi-incision laparoscopic surgery Figure 1.

Often this single incision can be hidden within the belly button, thus making this a surgical approach that is not only less invasive, but also leaves the single site with single site far less disfiguring scar that is often barely noticeable Figure 3.

At the University of Florida, LESS procedures are routinely performed for select patients diagnosed with simgle kidney tumor or a nonfunctioning kidney where removal of the entire kidney is required as well as for ablation of large renal cysts Figure 4.

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Figure 1. Laparoscopic single-site surgery requires that patients undergo a general anesthesia. While operative time varies from one individual to single site, the average operating time is approximately hours.

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Through this incision, single site surgeon inserts a telescope called laparoscope and a series of hand-held laparoscopic surgical instruments through a specially designed gel diaphragm device placed into the abdomen to accomplish single site or even removal on the affected kidney. Figure aite.

Single skin incision in the belly button, trocar configuration and final skin closure and postoperative cosmetic result following LESS surgery. Note that the final single site sjngle barely visible.

The laparoscocpe lens allows for 10X magnification of the operative field, allowing the surgeon to accomplish the surgical procedure with improved visualization and without placing his hands into the abdominal cavity.

The surgeon uses a combination of single site and specially designed curved laparoscopic instruments single site accomplish complex surgical tasks in the abdomen through the same single skin incision.

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The abdomen is filled with carbon dioxide gas to create a larger working space for the surgeon to accomplish the operation. Single site gas is single site evacuated from the abdomen at the conclusion of the operation.

In single site of a simple or radical nephrectomy, the entire affected kidney is dissected and removed sitte the single skin incision. Finally, the skin incision is closed using plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring and optimize the cosmetic result. As with single site major surgery, complications, although rare, may occur with LESS surgery.

Potential risks and complications with these operations include, but are not limited to, the following:. After single site period of recovery in the Recovery Room, you will be transported to your hospital room once single site are aware and your vital signs are stable.

UF Health Urology is ranked as the leading academic urology program in Single site and 24 in the nation by the U. Laparoendoscopic Single Site or LESS Surgery is a novel surgical approach allowing for removal of diseased organs through a small, single skin incision.

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