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Naked women in ukraine

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Naked Ambition: Ukrainian Topless Protests Go Global.

November 28, Femen activists staging protests against Berlusconi and his sexual adventures, in Kiev. On naied chilly morning in Kiev, half-naked women in racing outfits drink sexy skype shows and chant slogans. This is how the Naked women in ukraine movement celebrated the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi.

Several days prior to that, Femen were in Rome, lending their support for the anti-Berlusconi protests. While in Rome, one of their activists even made a revealing protest against injustice towards women in the Catholic Church at the Vatican, naked women in ukraine in front of the Pope.

Now they are looking even further afield. But what we do brings the desired effect. We are planning to take over the world.

The network has taken root in Europe and now stretches as far as the United States. RT News.

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