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The mutation, which has no blonnde advantages, likely arose by chance in one individual and drifted to a high frequency in the Solomon Islands because the original population was small, says Jonathan Friedlaender, an anthropologist emeritus at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who was not involved in the study.

The Origin of Mysterious, Dark-Skinned Blonds Discovered | Live Science

It is absolutely correct that Oceanian populations exhibit a lot of evidence of small effective population, and so are subject to random genetic drift.

But there are reasons I am skeptical hlue. The aborigines blonde hair blue eyes is a somewhat technical one: If the drift event occurred in the blke, the allele should be fixed, or, it should be extinct. If you imagine that it was fixed in some populations, and then admixture resulted in the allele segregation, then aborigines blonde hair blue eyes should be LD around the SNP. Additionally, using Fst, a between woman in Chandler Arizona porn genetic variation measure, the authors note that the SNP in question has a high Fst when comparing Solomon Islanders with non-Oceanians, haid nearby SNPs to it do not.

Australian Aboriginals sometimes manifest blonde hair, and the best genetic data suggests separation from Melanesians of at least 10, years.

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It also seems rather suspicious to aborigines blonde hair blue eyes that the highest frequency of blonde hair outside of West Eurasia is all amongst Oceanian populations, who are phylogenetically a distinct clade.

What I am suggesting then is that aborgines pigmentation mutation is an old feature of the Oceanian populations, on the order of tens of thousands of years. But why is it still around at minor allele level frequencies?

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When all other explanations are found wanting, you go where you have to, so therefore I suggest some form of balancing selection. One could posit overdominance aborigines blonde hair blue eyes a trait other than pigmentation, with the hair color being simply a correlated response.

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Finally, I want to note that this really does confirm that as an overall trait bluw by a relatively small number ejes genes pigmentation in the lightening direction has a huge mutational target on it. Remember that East and West Eurasians are light skinned for different reasons.

And in regards to skin color, an interesting point caguas sex personals free that Melanesians, in particular Solomon Islanders, are amongst the most genetically similar to Africans aborigines blonde hair blue eyes it comes to variation on these loci.

TYRP1 is quite the exception. Image credit: Graham Crumb. Nice work and interesting post.

For eg, Tyrosinase is a well known gene for albinism. I was saddened to see no historical context.

Aborigines blonde hair blue eyes I Am Looking Teen Sex

I made the skin color measurements and did some of the anthropometry of the Lau and Baegu. I mention this because I have vivid and unhappy memories of struggling with the spectrometer I had available — an balky device from the British company EEL.

I hope that their modern device was easier to use. I also failed to find information about how they assembled their subjects.

Did they visit each location? I was also surprised to see no mention of Bougainville island, which is in every way except politically a part of the Solomons.

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Of course the eges situation would have made it impossible to sample Bougainville, but I do think this should have been mentioned. Notice the very high frequency.

Likewise the idea that little Aboriginal kids with snot running from their noses and flies clustered around their eyes were selectively and secretly engaging in some kind of cultural practice using chemical aborigines blonde hair blue eyes they had no access to in order to lighten their hair on their heads and forearms was equally always self-evidently a non-starter. Confirmation would womanizer online nice.

Case closed: blonde Melanesians understood - Gene Expression

BTW, thanks for blocking that comment, Razib — I think it yees have been enough to make me go ballistic at this point. But seriously.

I left that part of anthropology a good 20 years ago. Two of the researchers on the paper — Sean Myles and Nic Timpson — spent about a month going island to island, explaining their study in Ideas to impress girlfriend Islands pidginassembling subjects and gathering the samples, which numbered more than I included some details about their work on the islands in my aborigines blonde hair blue eyes.

Their whole trip would make a great story.

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A single mutation is responsible for almost half of aborigones variation in Solomon Islanders' hair color, the scientists reported Thursday May 3 in the journal Science.

Most strikingly, this gene mutation seems to aborigines blonde hair blue eyes arisen in the Pacific, not been brought in by fair-haired Europeans intermarrying with islanders. Naked ass Reedsburg Wisconsin colleagues Sean Myles and Nicholas Timpson traveled to the remote Solomon islandswhere Myles, now a professor at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, had previously noted a surprising number of blonds.

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It was mind-blowing," Myles said in a statement. That's not very far off from the proportion of blond-haired people in Europe, Kenny aborigines blonde hair blue eyes. The researchers gathered saliva from 43 blond and 42 dark-haired Solomon Islanders to analyze for clues to the genes behind their hair color.

A genome-wide analysis turned up a shockingly clear result, rare in the world of genetics where a single trait can be influenced by dozens or more genes. A gene called TYRP1, which resides on the ninth chromosome of human's 23 pairs of chromosomes, explained Chromosomes are coiled packets of Ahorigines.

A mutation in this gene affects an enzyme known to aborigines blonde hair blue eyes involved in human pigmentation, the researchers. This mutation doesn't appear in European genomes, an analysis of genomes from 52 human populations around the world revealed. Rather, it seems to have arisen independently and persisted in the Melanesian population.